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est. 7 Years
Black and Brown
Singapore Special HDB Approved


Found in 2019, Scooby was thought to be a lost dog. He knew basic commands, was not too apprehensive of the leash and was toilet trained. We waited and waited but alas, nobody came forward to claim him. We suspect he was abandoned. We also can't help but wonder what he has been through he was very insecure and reacted negatively towards everyone. After long consideration, Scooby was placed in the boarding facility.

Fast forward to today, Scooby has now improved significantly through training and our volunteers' hard work. He is very food motivated and energetic. 


He is now undergoing crate training to prepare him for his new home.

We do believe that there is a home out there for Scooby!


Scooby loves his walks. He is energetic and gets along well with other dogs. He is also very food motivated and we love seeing him enjoy his treats and food.


Scooby would require a really patient and firm handler. As he was abandoned previously, Scooby can get anxious when he sees his “owner” leaving the house.

Scooby is also sensitive to being touched around his neck area.

He is grass-trained and will pee in the toilet if needed.

*Project Adore Training for HDB

Health History

Scooby had liver disease and kidney failure. Positive for Ehrlichia

Maintenance: Nexgard Spectra, Immunity booster for Babesia

He is also on renal kibble to maintain his healthy kidney readings.


Preferably a household with no young children, no elderly and no other dogs as Scooby will require training and attention.

If Scooby is the one for you, please complete the attached form:

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