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Rose/ Rosie




est. 2 Years
Brown, White + Bonus Cow Prints
Singapore Special
HDB Approved


Rose was busy howling down the Sengkang estate. She was on heat and most likely looking for a mate. Due to the amount of attention (both wanted and unwanted) she received, we decided to take action and trapped her. We have since sterilised her.


Rose is an extremely affectionate dog. Her greetings are out of this world as her bum wags along with her tail. She is always licking her fosterer and greeting her with a toy in her mouth. She enjoys attention, being touched, hugged and even being carried.

Initially, Rose was wary of the fosterer's dogs (18yo Small Dog + 2yo Singapore Special) but have since got along well with them.

She was also barking a lot as she was unsure but have since stopped with correction and place training and can be left at home.

Overall Rose is a really sweet dog and is less wary of people than all her fosterer's past fosters.


Rose is really smart and picks up commands easily. Just a month in, she has learnt: Place, Sit, Down, Up, Touch and Paw.

She goes automatically goes into her playpen for her meals and also sleeps in her playpen at night.

Rose walks well on the leash and is fully grass-trained.

She will require her adopter to continue to cultivate her independence and reinforce place training to ensure she does not start barking again.

*Project Adore Training for HDB

Health History

UTI, Positive for Heartworm and Babesia
Maintenance: Nexgard Spectra, Immunity booster for Babesia


Ideally, a crowded household will work for Rose as she has a lot of affection to give.

If Rose is the one for you, please complete the attached form:

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