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Welcome to our LTV second T-shirt sales! 


We have just launched our LTV T-shirt for fund raising and hope to have your support! Our tshirt is designed by one of LTV's volunteer, J. And the concept of the shirt is Outerspace as it fills with lots of unknown and excitement for us in LTV!


We have only come so far, with the endless support and trust that you have placed in us.


All procceds for this Tshirt sales, will go to our dogs in shelter and foster homes! We thank the community for loving us and our dogs! Here's the link ( ) to purchase our Tshirt!


Fastest fingers first, as there is limited qty for the first batch!


Thank you for loving the voiceless!


* This special design includes LTV's past and present dogs. Our idea stems from seeing our dogs being able to thrive and go to places beyond imagination and finding a belonging away from us. At LTV, we are grounded like Earth to be a furever Home for the rescues that we took off streets and aim to see all our rescues to be able to soar high and above.

LTV Printed T-Shirt

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