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Tin Tin

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Adopted by Charlotte and family


TinTin was rescued at Loyang and was most likely abandoned due to her docile nature.

Charlotte and her family spotted her on LTV’s Facebook page which kick-started the entire process. The family has been in search of a suitable dog for about 3 months and they’re hopeful that with time, they’ll be able to find a new family member.

Their first visit was brief because TinTin was very wary and afraid. Therefore, we started with home visits and familiarisation trips before extending it to staycations and homestay.

“Be patient, accepting and responsible. Having a dog shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision, so think clearly before adopting.”

To her adaptors, the homestay was very important as they had not had a dog for some years. The initial decompression phase of TinTin works both ways:

  1. It’s instrumental for TinTin to learn her new environment and trust her handlers.

  2. For adopters to adjust their daily routines and tasks around the household of incorporating a dog. And most importantly, problem solves as a family.

On her first night at Charlotte’s home, TinTin was very scared and anxious about the new environment. As a result, she was slight reclusive, but she explored her environment at her own pace. She didn’t have a good appetite and she wasn’t very receptive to touch. Their first challenge was bonding with TinTin as she was not food motivated which made it difficult to interact or train her eventually.

With patience and lots of practice, TinTin is now comfortable at home, sleeps everywhere and enjoys attention during walks. She loves pats from everyone, and she would even be patted to sleep! She has found her love for treats and the amazing cupboard that stores her food.

In the meantime, LTV and TinTin’s fosters provide timely advice and periodic check-ins to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible.

Finding a suitable dog companion

TinTin adopters were very objective in their search; such as low energy dogs for working pawrents, suitable for the elderly and a fit to the family unit. With that in mind, they shortlisted dogs from different associations. They asked plenty of questions and clarified any doubts or insecurities. These set them up for a successful adoption!

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