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Updated: Aug 9, 2022

90 Days Challenge with ZEN VEGETARIAN

90 Days with Zen Vegetarian from Addiction

Malibu was plagued with a bad spell of hive/ allergy since he was returned to LTV earlier in the year. We’ve never managed to identify the triggers to his skin outbreaks; it could be environmental, stress or diet.

Malibu was on Cytopoint injections and it doesn’t seem to address the root cause of his allergies.

Ever since changing his diet to Zen Vegetarian; upon consulting his regular vet and Addiction Pet, we’ve seen a dramatic change in his overall skin heath and demeanour. Accompanied with regular moisturizer and diet management, Malibu is now hives-free.

Fast forward to June 2022:

Before changing his diet to Zen Vegetarian

Photo taken from Facebook, The Straits Times post
Malibu is winning hearts and he was featured on The Straits Times at the recent Pet's Day Out adoption drive.

Allergies are difficult to overcome but to all dogs owners battling with allergies, you're on alone and press on!

We're happy to share that Malibu has found a potential adoptor after the recent adoption drive and they're working together to a successful home stay. Fingers crossed for Malibu!

Check out his blog post with Addiction here.

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