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LTV's first ever solo adoption drive!

Updated: Feb 27

25th Feb Saturday marked LTV's first ever solo adoption drive at Cafe Tailor Made (100 Turf Club)! It was a three-hour long event, featuring several of LTV's doggos who are up for adoption. Below is the full list of LTV's partners who generously donated a mix of goodie bags, food or 10% of their profits.

The event saw a good turn out from folks coming from all walks of life. Many made in-depth enquiries about LTV's furry adoptables; such a sight was extremely heartening for us at LTV, knowing that the enquirers are serious about LTV's adoptables. Different families have different lifestyles; some are looking for energetic and active companions whilst some are looking for a more laidback and "chillax" companions.

"Are they talking about me?"

Some of the questions commonly asked were how to ease their new furry companion's anxiety about settling into a new home and how long it will take for them to fully settle down.

It's normal for every one - humans and doggos alike - to feel anxiety at the start of a new journey. In a new environment, it is advisable to have a structured routine in place. Toilet habits (assuming your furry friend prefers going on the grass), eating times and of course, "gai gai" (walkies!) are recommended to be established at a fixed timing. Be engaged and present (and that means not glued to our phones!), and most importantly, be patient! :) Our typical Singapore traits like being "kan cheong" must take a back seat here.

"If you kan cheong, I will also be kan cheong..."

Just as how when we humans meet someone new and it takes time to establish rapport before we start trusting each other, the same applies to our furry companions too. Being engaged, present and having a structured routine in place will go a long way in easing your furry friend's anxiety and help him/her settle down in his/her furever home.


LTV would like to thank all the good folks who have visited us at our first-ever solo adoption drive! If you are interested to know more about our furry adoptables, please drop us an enquiry and we will get back to you soonest. :) Don't be paiseh!

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