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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Adopted by Wendy and Kayden

Koko with her family and her former feeder

Koko is a blind Singapore Special that was rescued by LTV from a farm where she lived with her family. Despite her disabilities, she is very spirited and full of life.

Wendy and Kayden had lost their first adopted Pomeranian Spitz whom they absolutely adore and they’re ready to open their hearts and their home to another rescue. It was love at first “sight” for Koko adopters in mid-2020 at the worse of the Covid pandemic.

Koko was forced to leave her stray life behind due to her physical limitations. She was rescued and rehabilitated. She was suffering from heartworm, ear infections and 95% blindness suspected as a result of dog fights and a case of severe cataract.

“Let it be an open communication with the organisation, be open-minded and patient as adopted pets need more tender loving care than other pets. They will be able to show you their loving side once they are ready and settled into your homes. Don't give up on them!.” - Wendy and Kayden

Due to her age and disabilities, the outlook of Koko was not as rosy as compared to a puppy but Koko and her photogenic looks were hard to resist. One Facebook photo of Koko was all it took to win over her adopters’ hearts.

Not too long later, Koko met her forever pawrents and start her homestay. Both adopters and the LTV team are hopeful yet cautious as transiting a disabled dog required lots of attention and care. It took some time for her other heightened senses to learn her new environment and adapt to the changes. She took everything within her stride like a champion.

Koko now is very confident and comfortable at home and she is the ever-ready doorbell. She loves chilling on her big rug in the living room and her large tatami mat. And without fail, she would roll around the grass and leave her scent during every walk, 3-4 times daily. She learnt to listen out to the fridge door, her food bowl and movements around the house. Her sense of smell is also very sensitive as she drools while her adopters prep her meal.

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