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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Adopted by Jerlyn, Craig & Ocean (a senior dog)

Jill and her family

Jill was a nursery dog who was extremely fearful. Jill was very skittish; was afraid of almost anything and everything is a trigger. It started with a simple foster and rehabilitation but Jill has no intentions to leave. She charmed herself to a forever home and a grand " foster failed".

For the initial month, both LTV and Jill determined pawrent had countless attempts of training, trial and error, and some major challenges in her behavioural training and conditioning. With months and months of patience, Jill today is a "semi" social dog with doggy friends, a big sister to her foster puppies and a diligent roommate of Ocean.

This is just the beginning! Adoption is a lifelong conditioning and behavioural bonding. Therefore, to polish her social skills, Jill is attending doggy daycare. Kudos to Jill and Jerlyn & Craig.

During a recent meet-up with Jill, LTV sees a confident (at her own terms) lady who enjoys her zoomies with her pawrents, one who likes to disturb her fur brother, Ocean and; one who likes lecturing foster puppies. She enjoys regular homecooked meals, countless toys and a dining table as her throne.

“Having a furkid is just like having a child. Give ur best to them and they will give u their entire world. Ur pawrenting journey will definitely be worth it!.”

Why did you choose to adopt?

Jerlyn & Craig; Thanks to various media that had helped to create more awareness of our Singapore Special, we had realised that all these street dogs are as lovable and loyal as the pedigree ones. After knowing the plight of the street dogs, it encourages us to make a difference in their lives even more. Thus, we took our first step by fostering Jill.

To us, she is perfect in all areas. When you love someone, all flaws are no longer flaws in ur eyes. She is amazing in her own way, the same goes for all other dogs around.

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