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Panda & Whiny



Panda/ Whiny
2 Months old
Both Female
White and Brown
Singapore Special
Not HDB Approved


The sisters were rescued by good Samaritans and are given a clean bill of health. All of them had received deworming and tick/flea treatments and are scheduled for their first vaccination in the coming week. 

Both puppies are bright and growing fast with tiny quirks to their characters. They’re growing up to be fine ladies with strong vocal expressions. The puppies are pee pads trained and understand some basic commands. They’re currently under LTV’s puppy foster care programme that conditions them to environmental stimulus and healthy dog & human interactions. 


Highly inquisitive and intelligent pup. However, as they're still puppies their true character is in the responsbility of commited and caring adoptors. 

The puppies play well together and are exposed to different environmental and social settings. Adoptors are to keep up the work of socialisation. 


As they're puppies, they will be teething. Nipping and chewing things is an issue that should be expected and dealt with in training.


As they've not received their full dose of vaccination, they're mostly kept indoor so leash training will be essential for adoptors. 

They are also peepad trained. 

Health History



With puppies, it’s a clean canvas, to some they’re cute and cuddly; but we see the huge responsibility of raising a puppy. The onus of training and conditioning the dog lies with their future adopters. Puppies needs to learn structure, build confidence and healthy social skills. Puppies that grow to be aggressive, resource guarding or separation anxiety are due to their domestic upbringing.


Hence, learning from past experiences, LTV will only accept applications if families are able to commit to :

  • puppy training classes by recommended certified trainer

  • 2-3 interaction visits before home stay

  • having or are willing to install grilles on all windows and balconies

If Panda/Whiny is the one for you, please complete the attached form:

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