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Be Involved

Image by Katt Yukawa


Donate / Volunteer

Support our cause with your generosity and kindness. 

Image by Chewy


Sponsor a Dog

Sponsor a rescue to provide a roof over their heads, warm meals and medical attention. 

Image by Howie R


Partner with Us

Pet food brands, local pet businesses and merchants, corporates businesses and brands are welcome to partner with us!

Donate/ Volunteer

Daily needs, medical support and housing are major costs that come with every rescue. We appreciate any monetary donation or sponsorships.

*Kindly check in with us for inventory, preferred brand(s) and dietary requirements. 


Direct Donations

Donations can be made directly to Love the Voiceless’s Paynow Number @ 8101 6366. 


Supplements/ Medication

Health supplements such as superboost, postbiotic, as well as tick/fleas and heartworm prevention - Nexgard Spectra 


Safety Accessories

Airtags, martingale collar, flagline harness, leash,etc



Volunteer your time at the shelter (Able to commit at least once a week) and/or your skillsets such as marketing, social media, vet tech training or copywriting, etc. 


Food/ Amenities

Kibbles, milk, raw/cooked/canned food,  shampoo, pee-pads,  tooth brush/paste, wipes, ear cleaning solution


Something extra

Dog toys, treats, sniffing mat, vouchers for dog outings or even NTUC vouchers! 


Sponsor a Rescue

Sponsor a Dog

Partner with us

Businesses looking to expand their CSR footprint are welcome to partner with us on fundraising programmes or sponsorship opportunities. Some ideas can be a corporate-sponsored kennel at the shelter for LTV rescues, spread the word of adoption/foster programmes to staff and stakeholders.  

There are many ways your businesses can support our cause: 

  • If you’re a pet supplies company, we accept donations, supplements or pet products i.e. pee-pads, wipes and Nexgard spectra, etc. 

  • If you’re an F&B business, donate items such as raw fish/beef/rice.

  • If you have a merchandising business, we’re open to working with you on fundraising campaigns 

  • Many more…

Every impact is a positive contribution to our cause! 

Partner with us
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