Adopt a Rescue Dog

If you're keen on adopting a rescue , please note that it's a process of 2-6 weeks upon application and depend on requirements. Please only adopt if you're financially able to provide long-term care and shelter, open to LTV's recommended training regimes or assigned dog trainers, and be prepared to love and be loved for at least 15 years or more. 

Image by Nathan Jennings

Looking for a Home



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est. 7 Years Old



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14 Months Old



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est. 2 Years Old

Our Adopters' Advice

“Having a furkid is just like having a child. Give ur best to them and they will give u their entire world. Ur pawrenting journey will definitely be worth it!”

“Be patient, accepting and responsible. Having a dog shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision, so think clearly before adopting.”

TinTin's Adoptors

Jill's Adoptors

“Let it be an open communication with the organisation, be open-minded and patient as adopted pets need more tender loving care than other pets. Don't give up on them!”

Koko's Adoptors