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When we rehome, we give the dog a second chance. When you adopt, you open your heart and family to unconditional love and gratitude. 

A typical adoption process takes between 2-6 weeks for shortlisted profiles. Due to limited capacity, we might not have a suitable dog for you upon application. If that happens, please don't be discouraged! If you've not received a response, feel free to follow up with the team. 

Online Application

The online application is a 5-min questionnaire. We highly encourage you to be truthful and as detailed as possible for the team to assess your suitability.

*We will not accept adoption enquiries on social media or emails as we require specific information in the application form in order to assess your profile. 


Your Profile is Shortlisted! 

An LTV member will arrange an interaction session between your family and the dog - all family member(s) should be present for the meet & greet. LTV might shortlist a few families per dog before deciding on the next stage - Home Stay. 

After the meetup, we have 3 outcomes: 1) inform either party of unsuitability 2) schedule more interaction & bonding sessions and house visits 3) start Home Stay.

After a house visit, LTV team would communicate basic requirements such as puppy "proofing" requirements, adding grills of to open window/balcony or adding safety fence. Do expect some modifications to your home for the dog's safety. It would all be worth it! 


Home Stay

Do not take this as a "refundable policy". The home stay should be taken seriously with insecurities/doubts and commitments well-sorted prior. Set your family and the dog up for success by adhering to the dog's recommended routines and welfare requirements. A group chat will be set up to coordinate conversations, welfare checks and progress updates. Maintaining open communication is essential for all parties to have mutual understanding so that the dog can get all the support they need. 

Home Stay is a settling-in period for your family and the dog, and at least 1 welfare visit by our LTV volunteer. During this period, LTV reserves the right to remove the dog from your home should there be any signs of irreconcilable issues. 


Adoption Confirmation 

Congratulations and thank you for adopting a rescue dog! 


The adoption fee is $250 for Singapore Specials and $300 for Pedigrees. In addition, a one-time licence fee of $31.50 is mandatory for all adoptions under NPARKS for sterilised dogs.

For HDB flat owners, you'll be required to complete Project ADORE prior to the signing of the agreement and licensing. 

For puppies, it's mandatory for homeowner to complete basic puppy training classes with recommended trainer and/or specificed requirements stipulated during the home stay for puppy health and safety. 


Fret not, LTV will remain in touch and support you with any information. We're just one call/text away for help, support and a listening ear. Tag us on social media with your rescues and join the #LTVFam!

Project Adore

Project ADORE – Project on ADOption and REhoming of mixed-breed dogs in HDB flats. In March 2020, the height limit was increased to 55cm with no weight criterion for rehoming. 

All HDB adopters have to comply with the ownership conditions and the Code of Responsible Behaviour, which includes obedience training (group/private) by AVA-accredited trainers with the rescue dog. This is to ensure adopted dogs are well acclimatised and adapted to the community. Adopters residing in HDB are required to complete Project ADORE for licensing with AVS in order for your furry-friend to be "HDB-approved". For more information on the training syllabus, click here

Interested adopters are allowed a max. of 1 dog per flat and must adhere to stringent ownership regulations, including sterilisation, routine vaccination, micro-chipping and valid licensing for the adopted dog that is at least 6 months old. 

Based on the experience we have with many dogs undergoing and are trained/qualified under this project, the LTV members will recommend trainers and advise you at every step of the journey. We too, wish to see everyone succeed in finding their paw-family.

Approved Partner of
Project Adore

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Project Adore
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Let's Work Together

At LTV, we're committed to a healthy relationship between our adopters and volunteers. We are ready to guide adopters and offer help in any way we are able to. Please be patient with us as we are also on this journey together with you and our dogs.

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