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Love The Voiceless

The Making of LTV


Love the Voiceless (LTV) was founded by a team of committed animal lovers in 2019. Once a group of 4 members, the team has now grown to a network of passionate volunteers, feeders, rescuers and like-minded dog lovers.


With the rapid urbanisation of our neighbourhoods, unethical breeding, mistreatment, abandonment of our furry companions, accompanied by the cultural taboos of Singapore Specials; our mission at LTV is to love, educate and heal.

Our focus is on foster care with humane  rehabilitation training techniques and rehoming of stray dogs. 


The team at LTV actively rescue, rehome, rehab, educate and organise adoption drives for dogs under our care. We also collaborate with other similar welfare groups, feeders, schools, communities or independent rescuers in supporting our cause. 

"A paw-shake is the beginning of a lifetime of loyalty and love. Take your first steps and reach out.  "


Our Mission

  • To Love every dog like our own

  • To Educate every adult & child on the beauty of adoption and dogs' welfare 

  • To Heal all dogs under our care; physically and mentally

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